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– George Peabody, Co-Founder of J.P. Morgan & Co.

For Business Owners & Executives

Business Financial Planning

Managing risk is at the heart of successful financial planning for a business owner: as the old saying goes: “Big risks, big rewards.” As with most business owners, your greatest growth potential often sits inside of your business. We are committed to helping you understand your business’ financial situation and develop resilient financial management practices. We will also help you evaluate all of your options for retirement savings, weigh the costs of employee benefits, understand the factors that contribute to a larger sale price, and work towards making your business more self-sufficient and less dependent on you.

Common discussion topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing your retirement savings and taking care of employees without breaking the bank
  • Making your business less dependent on you for its survival
  • Protecting the value of your business if you’re injured, die, or become disabled
  • Planning for the potential death, divorce, or disability of a business partner
  • Preparing your business for a sale by making it more attractive and growing its value
  • Preparing for a family transition in your business
  • Retaining management and key employees
  • Developing a culture of growth in your organization

401k & Pension Consulting

At the beginning of our relationship, we will review your existing plan (if applicable) and employee base to provide feedback on various plan design features that are present or might be added. Based on our discussion, we will assist you with creating or revising plan features such as:

  • Matching contributions for your 401k plan;
  • Profit-sharing contributions;
  • Safe-harbor employer contributions;
  • The plan’s method for discrimination testing;
  • Developing an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Selecting a Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA).

We can also help you review whether a cash-balance pension plan or another less-common vehicle would be a value-added benefit for business owners and management, among other considerations. An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) outlines the methods and criteria used to select, monitor, and replace investment options within your plan. On an ongoing basis, we will perform the due diligence necessary to demonstrate the execution of a prudent investment process, including quarterly fund monitoring reports and fund comparison reports for replacement recommendations.

As your plan’s 3(38) investment manager, we will assume responsibility for selecting and monitoring plan investments and for coordinating with other service providers to implement changes to the plan’s investment lineup as needed. Depending on the agreed-upon scope of services, we will attend meetings at least annually to review the plan’s activity and any decisions made throughout the year. We are also available to meet with your plan’s participants periodically to explain plan benefits or provide financial wellness education. In addition, we can provide non-fiduciary services upon request – these services are reviewed and discussed prior to entering into an agreement.


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